All new Apple Macbooks

New Apple Macbook

Apple has launched a all new range of their popular Macbook. Company CEO, Steve Jobs, revealed the new Macbooks at the Mac event on October 14 2008. New Macbooks have been re-designed to have a similar look and features of Macbook Air. With a single piece aluminium body make the Macbook more robust and strong. Apple calls it “Precision aluminum unibody enclosure“.

Some of the features include the introduction of nVidia GeForce 9400M which brings the graphics 5 times faster.

Macbook now does not have any trackpad button but the whole glass trackpad has been transformed into a button, so you can click anywhere on the trackpad. Also, the popular feature of Apple multi-touch has been included in the Macbook range with the features of pinch-pounce and multi-finger gestures.

Inside the new MacBook is a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at speeds up to 2.4GHz. MacBook also boasts an increased 1066MHz frontside bus and next-generation 1066MHz DDR3 memory. Macbooks now also have the option for new Solid State Drive which were earlier only available in the Macbook Air.

Also, Apple decreased the price for the older white version of the Macbook to $999. New Macbook range is starting from $1299.

You can further check the design details at the following link

Surely, my next notebook choice will be the new 13 inch Apple Macbook with 4GB RAM and 360GB of HDD.

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