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Vikas Aggarwal

Vikas Aggarwal is a techie guy – adapt in Microsoft technologies and the Networking etc. – who has a very creative brain. His ability to think new ideas is what impresses you when you brainstorm with him on a subject. An independent thinker he has never shied away from trying new things and is always trying to make the existing stuff better.

I, Rajeev Vaid, have known Vikas and his lovely family for years and one of the things that is remarkable about his family is hospitability. You cannot go hungry at his house and in case you are there during or around festive season -which for Aggarwal family is all around the year- you get the best of the mithai and great food. Infact his Mum and Bhabhi could teach a thing or two to the guys at Haldiram.

Vikas has a knack of keeping things simple, streamlined and interesting – be it his software code or website, or his swanky music system in his den or his hardware which normally sports an OS which I have seen for the first time.

Many years ago I read a great book Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore which identifies 5 distinct groups of technology adopters:

  1. Innovators are the first to try a new idea
  2. If a product gets the seal of approval from innovators, early adopters will pick it up.
  3. They are followed by the early majority, until half the market is taken.
  4. Then the number of new adopters begins to decrease, as the late majority are convinced to join in.
  5. The curve ends with the laggards, who join only when they are in a clear minority.

I am an early adopter to my friend’s Vikas who is a Innovator. I constantly watch the technology and Gizmos he tries and only on his approval I invest in them. This blog will ensure that his knowledge base gets to his ‘fans’ quickly and with details.

I congratulate him on his blogs launch and will be spending quite some time on these pages. Vikas keep Rocking and Writing.

Business News for Men and TV Serials for Women

Whenever men are in front of TV, it’s always Sensex or corporate buyouts. When women are in front of TV, it’s daily soaps or reality shows.

In today’s world, television is not only a source of entertainment or information and knowledge but it has taken a place of another family member in the households. But still the same perception dominates in the discussions

Business News for Men and TV Serials for Women

Whereas if we look into the today’s modern families not only men but women are now interested in the business news and not only women but also men knows what’s going on in the daily soaps. Every member of the family gives his/her opinion that who will stay till the end of the reality shows. Earlier, families use to spend time together playing various table games such as carom-board but now we prefer to play live contest of the reality shows which are more fruitful, in sense of contest prizes, rather than spending quality time with the family in recreational activities.