Interview process is a two-way street

Interview process is a two-way street

  • Employers are attempting to determine if you are an appropriate fit for the job and their culture
  • You decide if the environment is right for you

Employers need to fulfill the requirement in their existing system whereas keeping the bugdet under control. Also, keep analyzing the future prospectives of the business demand. 

Usually the candidates are only worried if they will be selected or not. But it is also important to decide if the environment is fit for them. 

The candidate should understand the organizations requirement, profile and career growth plan offered. The candidate should also choose a profile which matches with their attitude and aptitude.

Especially, an experienced candidate, who have already adopted an environment in their current company, should carefully switch over. It is not components of the pay package which should be only factor for a switch over but the environment and job satisfaction should also be considered otherwise a fresh look out will start, for better opportunities outside the company.

Employers never disclose their policies on their own but interviewee requires to get all clarification at the interview only. Because once you are out from your current company then there is no looking back.

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