Work culture at Keane

I had worked with Keane India for about 1 year (before it was taken over by Caritor, USA), that duration was kind of golden period for the employees of the Keane India. There were lot of onsite opportunities in almost every project with regular rotational basis.

Even I had been to Halifax, Canada for about 3 months for an onsite assignment from Keane. It was a really great experience as that was my first foreign working experience. People were very warm and helpful. As in India, it is widely believed that Canada is very hot destination for Sikh community. But to my surprise I only saw 2 Sikhs in the 3 months of duration. Whereas there were lot of people from other South-Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. For the information sake for the people who are planning or going to Canada, most of the Sikh community is settled in Vancouver.

Keane was used to be known for their good working environment but now it has been in news from firing people quickly and mostly picking the fresh grads from the campuses around India.

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