iPhone 3G Experience

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G

I bought my first Apple product, i.e. Apple iPhone 3G. I was the second person to buy the iPhone 3G from Hyderabad’s Airtel showroom when it launched in India on 22 August, 2008. I preferred for a black 16GB handset, simply magnificant in the first look. I should say Apple has a class of style for every thing. However it was Rs.5,100 extra from the base 8GB model (8GB for Rs.31,000 and 16GB for Rs.36,100), but I have always preferred a better configuration in gadgets.

It’s already been around 1 month I have used it and I had come the following conclusion

Points to avoid

  • Short battery life (Might be I am using push mail).
  • Higher cost (But at least no additional monthly commitments).

Points to go for it

  • Big storage.
  • iPod.
  • Light and sleek.
  • Best User Interface.
  • Lots of free applications at one single place, i.e. App Store.
  • Last but not least………………………it’s Apple after all.
Well to be true, I am satisfied with it.
I will keep posting about my experience of iPhone 3G.

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