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Keyboard shortcut to lock screen in Apple Mac

Sitting in Starbucks, working on project and tender calls your name that your coffee is ready…I really felt to have known quick keyboard shortcut to lock my Mac (something similar to Windows+L or Alt+Ctrl+Del). Well after searching on Google I found lot of workarounds like enabling smart corner screensaver, using third party app, etc. But I came around to one of these blog which actually tells the real answer.

Shortcut to lock screen in Mac:

Control + Shift + Eject

I know there are lot of other guys out there who migrated from Windows to Mac and are looking for something this kind of shortcut. So hopefully this blog entry will help few of them.


Applescript to “Send as Attachment” using Sparrow on Mountain Lion

Hi All,

I was trying to search for some AppleScript which I can use to simulate similar feature as “Send as Attachment” or “Send to Mail Recipient” on Windows. I was able to find few AppleScript which were either doing it using Mail App on Mac or it was not for Mountain Lion. Finally, after few work arounds and googling I was able to make a AppleScript working on Mountain Lion using Sparrow mail client (it can be changed to work with any mail client). I like Sparrow as it is simple and light weight on your resources.

Following is the code snippet from Automator on Mac –


on run {input, parameters}

set fileList to {}
repeat with i in input
set fileList to fileList & i
end repeat

tell application "Sparrow"
set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Mail with attachments"}
tell theMessage
repeat with f in fileList
make new mail attachment with properties {filename:f as alias}
end repeat
end tell
end tell

end run


For using with another mail client, just replace “Sparrow” with your mail client name on Mac.


Google Drive is coming…

Today Google mistakenly leaked information and client apps for the big one….GOOGLE DRIVE.

TechCrunch was tipped to one of Google server to download the apps for Mac OS X and Windows. As per TechCrunch they were able to download but unable to connect to the mothership. It seems they were able to login using the Google account. The version downloaded was 1.0.2891.

The tipster pointed us to a URL to download a .DMG package. This app came directly from Google.

The news broke earlier today stating that Google was set to launch the much-rumored Google Drive service as early as next week. The service is said to offer 5GB of storage space although that is also an unconfirmed rumor.

Most likely it will be hosted at, currently this link gives a 404 error.

Click here to read more…

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OnLive Desktop – Access Windows 7 Virtual Desktop from iPad

Many times while working on iPad, we may require access some PC/Windows Applications. Well,,,there are some Apps out there which let you remote your Windows desktop but those are not so smooth to give you a rich user experience. This is more due to time lag between what action you perform and when it finally occurs on it.

This week OnLive launched a new iPad App, named OnLive Desktop, which lets you access a Windows 7 Desktop, not your own desktop but a virtual Windows 7 desktop from their own servers farm. Standard pack is pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 Applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It also features some standard applications like Windows Media Player, Notepad, Wordpad, Paint. I have experienced Microsoft Surface Collage first time on it and it was awesome. Though standard version of it lacks Internet Explorer.

Currently OnLive is only available for Apple iPad but it will be soon available for Android™, PC and Mac®.

There are various service plans which OnLive has planned to offer

  • Standard @ Free – provides basic functionality with 2 GB of storage.
  • Pro @ $9.99/month – provides additional functionality like Web Browsing and ability to add Additional Applications.
  • Enterprise @ contact OnLive support – it is more like thin client for your enterprise custom virtual machines.

OnLive Desktop for iPad can be downloaded from here. You can look for further additional information at “”.

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