Tata (Bye-Bye) to Singur!

Tata Nano
Tata Nano

 So, the dies and the critical machines to manufacture the under USD 2500 Tata Nano car being moved out of the not so lucky town ofSingur. Some people towns and politicians of those people and towns do not come to know when a good thing happens to them.

If Mr. Ratan Tata decides to take the venture to a small town in Brazil or China, the Government of the country, the politicians from the town, the normal people of the town will not only welcome him and his team they will also change the law and make the atmosphere so hospitable that Mr. Ratan Tata would never think of coming back to India and starting his next venture.

I think Haryana, with its very large Auto and Auto ancilliary industry, would be the best bet for Tata Nano.

And finally my rant against that old fiendish woman who ensured that Singur stays poor and deprived is how will you bring happiness to the present and coming generation of that and surrounding towns. Shame on you, Ms. Mamta Banerjee and I hope we do not see your mug and ideas for a long time to come. It will happen after the next election.

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